Live Seminars and Presentations

Have Pat Quinn Speak at Your School!
One of the fastest ways to improve instruction at your school is to get all of your teachers on the same page! Pat Quinn will come to your school to present strategies and techniques to your teachers that improve instruction and increase learning!

Choose from three different presentations:

Maximum Tier One: Improving Full Class Instruction
The most important step your school can take to meet the needs of students is to improve full class instruction. This presentation will give your teachers simple steps they can take the very next day to increase learning and motivation!

Response to Intervention Made Easy
Stop the madness! RTI does not need to be this difficult. Let Pat Quinn show your teachers how RTI can help them meet the needs of their students without overwhelming them with extra work!

Teaching the Standards to ALL Students
This presentation features 16 activities you can do in class tomorrow to help ALL students learn the ELA and Math Standards!

Email today to schedule one of these life-changing presentations at your school!